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G-One vs. Scorcher vs. Shredda – Velomobile Tyre Tests

  • tehnyt

I want to find the next best velomobile tyre after the Schwalbe Shredda, because they don’t make the Shredda anymore. I’m looking for great all around tyre for commuting and touring. In my opinion a 40 mm wide tyre is the best compromise between comfort and turning radius. So now I want to find out which of these tyres is the fastest one. I’m also testing if a latex inner tube makes any difference.

The test tyres are Schwalbe Shredda 40-406, Schwalbe G-One Speed 40-406 and Greenspeed Scorcher 40-406.

I got these tyres from and from send me a set of tyres for free and Ginkgo gave me very generous discount for a set of tyres.


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